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2Windows 95 & Windows NT users: 2As of today (3 March 1998) I've removed the
3Win95/NT executables from this distribution, sorry.
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41. There's a pre-built executable, bzip2.exe, which 5You can still get an executable from
5 should work. You don't need to compile anything. 6, or (as a last
6 You can run the `test.bat' batch file to check 7resort) by mailing me at
7 the executable is working ok, if you want.
8 8
92. The control-C signal catcher seems pretty dodgy 9The reason for this change of packaging is that it
10 under Windows, at least for the executable supplied. 10makes it easier for me to fix problems with specific
11 When it catches a control-C, bzip2 tries to delete 11executables if they are not included in the main
12 its output file, so you don't get left with a half- 12distribution.
13 baked file. But this sometimes seems to fail
14 under Windows. Caveat Emptor! I think I am doing
15 something not-quite-right in the signal catching.
16 Windows-&-C gurus got any suggestions?
17 13
18 Control-C handling all seems to work fine under Unix. 14J
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