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* configure: Don't check whether -m64 works for 32bit host biarch checkMark Wielaard2022-03-242-1/+5
* configure: Use AS_HELP_STRING instead of AC_HELP_STRING.Mark Wielaard2022-03-143-2/+7
* Modernize gettext infrastructureDmitry V. Levin2020-12-169-1299/+7
* m4: remove unneeded Makefile.amDmitry V. Levin2020-12-152-21/+4
* debuginfod 1/2: client sideAaron Merey2019-11-224-1/+635
* configure: print feature settings overviewMark Wielaard2015-05-012-0/+6
* m4: Handle cross-compile situations in biarch.m4 tests.Mark Wielaard2014-07-142-1/+6
* Tests for unwinder of x86*.Jan Kratochvil2013-12-022-1/+7
* Update m4/ChangeLog for m4/biarch.m4 authorship.Jan Kratochvil2013-11-151-1/+2
* Unwinder for x86*.Jan Kratochvil2013-11-072-0/+49
* Updates for Automake 1.13.Mark Wielaard2013-04-264-94/+211
* Update name, license and contributor policy.Mark Wielaard2012-06-051-18/+10
* Remove .mtn-ignore and .cvsignore files.Mark Wielaard2012-06-051-1/+0
* Update gettext boilerplate from 0.17. Add LINGUAS file so translations get i...Roland McGrath2010-04-144-46/+114
* libdwfl: Support automatic decompression of files in XZ format.Roland McGrath2009-08-262-13/+17
* zip.m4: Fix --with/--without argument handling.Roland McGrath2009-02-012-3/+8
* Move eu_ZIPLIB macro to m4/, new file.Roland McGrath2009-01-083-2/+24
* Add missing files to repository.Ulrich Drepper2007-06-063-0/+461
* Prepare for 0.128 release.Ulrich Drepper2007-06-064-338/+207
* Fix FSF address. No exception for libdwarf.Ulrich Drepper2006-04-041-1/+1
* propagate from branch 'com.redhat.elfutils.roland.pending' (head 4f8fc821345f...Ulrich Drepper2006-04-041-10/+19
* Adjust for monotone.Ulrich Drepper2005-07-268-0/+856