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c++: substituting CONST_DECL_USING_P enumerators [PR103081]HEADtrunkmaster
We implement class-scope using enum by injecting clones of the enum's CONST_DECLs as fields of the class, for which CONST_DECL_USING_P is true, so that qualified lookup naturally finds the enumerators. Substitution into such a CONST_DECL currently ICEs however, because we assume the DECL_CONTEXT is always the ENUMERAL_TYPE (which has TYPE_VALUES) but in this case it's the RECORD_TYPE for the class scope (which has TYPE_FIELDS). Since these CONST_DECLs appear to always be non-dependent, this patch fixes this by shortcutting substitution for CONST_DECLs that have non-dependent DECL_CONTEXT. This subsumes the existing (and seemingly dead) DECL_NAMESPACE_SCOPE_P early exit test and also benefits substitution into ordinary non-dependent CONST_DECLs. PR c++/103081 gcc/cp/ChangeLog: * (tsubst_copy) <case CONST_DECL>: Generalize early exit test for namespace-scope decls to check dependence of the enclosing scope instead. Remove dead early exit test. gcc/testsuite/ChangeLog: * g++.dg/cpp2a/using-enum-10.C: New test. * g++.dg/cpp2a/using-enum-10a.C: New test.
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