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authorIain Sandoe <>2021-03-30 14:56:39 +0100
committerIain Sandoe <>2021-04-01 19:32:16 +0100
commitaf78514a18ca5c9aaa10813bb4dc639d7ccdf0cc (patch)
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parentc++: Add ABI version for PR98481 fix (diff)
modules : Make sure we include <map> in system.h.
It appears that many targets include the map header transitively in other std headers included from system.h. However there are some editions of clang/libc++ in Xcode that do not, which results in a bootstrap fail - since when resolver.h is included there is then a conflict in declaring abort(). The fix is to ensure that map is pulled in by system.h and before resolver.h is included. As a precautionary measure and to alert anyone perhaps adding another header to resolver.h this patch also gates the direct includes there on !IN_GCC. c++tools/ChangeLog: * resolver.h: Do not include std headers directly when building in GCC. gcc/cp/ChangeLog: * (INCLUDE_MAP): New; require map to be included from system.h. * (INCLUDE_MAP): Likewise.
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diff --git a/c++tools/resolver.h b/c++tools/resolver.h
index 19339125b26..a9547bf6994 100644
--- a/c++tools/resolver.h
+++ b/c++tools/resolver.h
@@ -24,8 +24,10 @@ along with GCC; see the file COPYING3. If not see
24// Mapper interface for client and server bits 24// Mapper interface for client and server bits
25#include "cody.hh" 25#include "cody.hh"
26// C++ 26// C++
27#if !IN_GCC
27#include <string> 28#include <string>
28#include <map> 29#include <map>
29 31
30// This is a GCC class, so GCC coding conventions on new bits. 32// This is a GCC class, so GCC coding conventions on new bits.
31class module_resolver : public Cody::Resolver 33class module_resolver : public Cody::Resolver