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parentAVX512FP16: Support basic 64/32bit vector type and operation. (diff)
top-level configure: setup target_configdirs based on repository
The top-level configure script is shared between the gcc repository and the binutils-gdb repository. The target_configdirs variable in the script, defines sub-directories that contain components that should be built for the target using the target tools. Some components, e.g. zlib, are built as both host and target libraries. This causes problems for binutils-gdb. If we run 'make all' in the binutils-gdb repository we end up trying to build a target version of the zlib library, which requires the target compiler be available. Often the target compiler isn't immediately available, and so the build fails. The problem with zlib impacted a previous attempt to synchronise the top-level configure scripts from gcc to binutils-gdb, see this thread: And I'm in the process of importing libbacktrace in to binutils-gdb, which is also a host and target library, and triggers the same issues. I believe that for binutils-gdb, at least at the moment, there are no target libraries that we need to build. In the configure script we build three lists of things we want to build, $configdirs, $build_configdirs, and $target_configdirs, we also build two lists of things we don't want to build, $skipdirs and $noconfigdirs. We then remove anything that is in the lists of things not to build, from the list of things that should be built. My proposal is to add everything in target_configdirs into skipdirs, if the source tree doesn't contain a gcc/ sub-directory. The result is that for binutils-gdb no target tools or libraries will be built, while for the gcc repository, nothing should change. If a user builds a unified source tree, then the target tools and libraries should still be built as the gcc/ directory will be present. I've tested a build of gcc on x86-64, and the same set of target libraries still seem to get built. On binutils-gdb this change resolves the issues with 'make all'. ChangeLog: * configure: Regenerate. * (skipdirs): Add the contents of target_configdirs if we are not building gcc.
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@@ -2272,6 +2272,16 @@ case ,${enable_languages}, in
2272 ;; 2272 ;;
2273esac 2273esac
2274 2274
2275# If gcc/ is not in the source tree then we'll not be building a
2276# target compiler, assume in that case we don't want to build any
2277# target libraries or tools.
2279# This was added primarily for the benefit for binutils-gdb who reuse
2280# this configure script, but don't always have target tools available.
2281if test ! -d ${srcdir}/gcc; then
2282 skipdirs="${skipdirs} ${target_configdirs}"
2275# Remove the entries in $skipdirs and $noconfigdirs from $configdirs, 2285# Remove the entries in $skipdirs and $noconfigdirs from $configdirs,
2276# $build_configdirs and $target_configdirs. 2286# $build_configdirs and $target_configdirs.
2277# If we have the source for $noconfigdirs entries, add them to $notsupp. 2287# If we have the source for $noconfigdirs entries, add them to $notsupp.