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* Update from upstream Automake files.Jan-Benedict Glaw2014-11-161-311/+150
* Update automake-provided files in the toplevel.Ralf Wildenhues2009-08-221-44/+60
* COPYING, [...]: Sync from upstream sources.Kelley Cook2005-07-141-8/+15
* missing: Import latest version from master repository.Paolo Bonzini2004-09-071-56/+73
* install-sh: Update to newer upstream versions (associated with aclocal 1.7).Phil Edwards2003-07-201-10/+156
* merge with /cvs/srcJason Merrill2000-07-221-12/+14
* missing: Update to version from automake 1.3.Ian Lance Taylor1998-10-081-4/+58
* Initial revisionJason Merrill1997-08-211-0/+134