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* Update from upstream Automake files.Jan-Benedict Glaw2014-11-161-96/+106
* Update automake-provided files in the toplevel.Ralf Wildenhues2009-08-221-10/+9
* COPYING, [...]: Sync from upstream sources.Kelley Cook2005-07-141-2/+3
* * ylwrap: Import from Automake 1.9.5.Daniel Jacobowitz2005-05-151-71/+170
* * Revert to previous version due to Binutils breakage.Kelley Cook2004-09-241-170/+71
* config.guess: New upstream versionKelley Cook2004-09-231-71/+170
* ylwrap: Change absolute path checks to check for DOS style path names.Marc Lehmann1998-10-081-3/+19
* Initial revisionJason Merrill1997-08-211-0/+107