BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterrs6000: Simplify *rotl<mode>3_insert_4 by removing DImodeKewen Lin4 hours
trunkrs6000: Simplify *rotl<mode>3_insert_4 by removing DImodeKewen Lin4 hours
releases/gcc-12Daily bump.GCC Administrator7 hours
releases/gcc-11Daily bump.GCC Administrator7 hours
releases/gcc-10Daily bump.GCC Administrator7 hours
devel/omp/gcc-11amdgcn: libgomp plugin USM implementationAndrew Stubbs15 hours
devel/m2linkTestsuite fixes to enable coroutine linking.Gaius Mulley32 hours
devel/rust/masterMerge #1337bors[bot]4 days
devel/omp/ompdFix sizes in OMPD support and add local ICVs functions.Mohame Atef8 days
devel/sphinxMerge branch 'master' into devel/sphinxMartin Liska11 days
devel/modula-2Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2.Gaius Mulley3 weeks
releases/gcc-9Update ChangeLog and version files for releaseRichard Biener5 weeks
devel/loop-unswitch-support-switchesUse NSDMI for predicate classRichard Biener5 weeks
devel/c++-coroutinesMerge master r12-8312.Iain Sandoe9 weeks
devel/gccgoMerge from trunk revision 837eb12629dd8a8a45fac9b8db57b29ecda46f14.Ian Lance Taylor4 months
devel/mold-lto-plugin-v2Support LDPT_GET_SYMBOLS_V3.Martin Liska4 months
devel/power-ieee128Merge branch 'devel/power-ieee128' of git+ssh:// into deve...Thomas Koenig5 months
devel/mold-lto-pluginAdd new hook ld_plugin_register_open_and_read_symbols.Martin Liska6 months
devel/coarray_nativeOnly allocate a single chunk of memory on startup.Nicolas Koenig8 months
devel/c++-contractsc++: contract condition function linkageJason Merrill12 months
devel/icpp2021Print statisticsGiuliano Belinassi13 months
devel/omp/gcc-10Structure element mapping for OpenMP 5.0 v3Chung-Lin Tang13 months
releases/gcc-8Update ChangeLog and version files for releaseJakub Jelinek13 months
devel/c++-modulesAdd -f[no-]header-guard-optNathan Sidwell17 months
devel/autopar_europar_2021Initial commit for Europar 2021 GCC versionGiuliano Belinassi17 months
devel/lto-offloadupdating for generic libcody interfaceJohn Ravi21 months
devel/autopar_develMerge branch 'autopar_rebase2' into autopar_develGiuliano Belinassi22 months
devel/rangerranger restructuringAndrew MacLeod2 years
devel/omp/gcc-9Really fix og9 "Fix hang when running oacc exec with CUDA 9.0 nvprof"Thomas Schwinge2 years
devel/analyzeranalyzer: add -Wanalyzer-use-of-closed-fileDavid Malcolm2 years
devel/ira-selectMerged latest trunk changes to ira-select.Vladimir Makarov3 years
releases/gcc-7Update ChangeLog and version files for releaseRichard Biener3 years
devel/ssa-rangeeven more range_of tweaksAndrew Macleod3 years
devel/gomp-5_0-branchsvn merge -r265930:265934 svn+ssh:// Jelinek4 years
releases/gcc-6gcc: xtensa: don't force PIC for uclinux targetMax Filippov4 years
devel/gfortran-cafmulti.c: Remove static variables _gfortrani_caf_this_image and caf_num_images.Thomas Koenig4 years
devel/c++-name-lookupMerge trunk r263669.Nathan Sidwell4 years
devel/range-gen3One last tweak before we move onto the new world/branch.Aldy Hernandez4 years
devel/unified-autovectAdd tile generation algorithm fixesSameera Deshpande4 years
devel/ (struct induction): Rename fields.Bin Cheng5 years
releases/gcc-5Update ChangeLog and version files for releaseGCC Administrator5 years
releases/gcc-4.9Mark as releaseRichard Biener6 years
releases/gcc-4.8re PR target/65711 (arm*-linux* "link" spec passes '-dynamic-linker' even for...Ludovic Court├Ęs7 years
releases/gcc-4.7Mark as releaseRichard Biener8 years
releases/gcc-4.6Mark as releaseGCC Administrator9 years
releases/gcc-4.5Mark as releaseRichard Biener10 years
releases/gcc-4.4Mark as releaseGCC Administrator10 years
releases/gcc-4.3Mark as releaseRichard Biener11 years
releases/gcc-3.0Allow compilation with GCC 4.4.Jason Merrill12 years
releases/gcc-3.2Allow compilation with GCC 4.4.Jason Merrill12 years
releases/gcc-3.3* parse.y (constructor_declarator): Fix for bison pedantry.Jason Merrill12 years
releases/gcc-3.4* (structsp_attr): Fix for bison 2.4.1 pedantry.Jason Merrill13 years
releases/gcc-4.2Daily bump.GCC Administrator13 years
releases/gcc-4.1linux.h (DBX_REGISTER_NUMBER): Delete.Eric Botcazou13 years
releases/gcc-4.0Daily bump.GCC Administrator15 years
releases/gcc-3.1Mark ChangeLogMark Mitchell18 years
releases/gcc-2.95Daily bump.GCC Administrator19 years
releases/gcc- support for using UWIN as a host machine.Jeffrey A Law21 years
releases/libgcj-2.95README: New file.Bryce McKinlay23 years
releases/egcs-1.1gcse.c (compute_pre_ppinout): Zero initial ppout for all exit blocks...Richard Henderson23 years
releases/egcs-1.0Update for egcs-1.0.3 release.Jeffrey A Law24 years