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phil/type-boundstype-bounds checking WIPPhilip Herron3 hours
masterMerge #1759bors[bot]6 hours
stagingMerge #1759bors[bot]6 hours
phil/associated-types-fixRemove monomorphization hack to setup possible associated typesPhilip Herron6 hours
gcc-patch-devgccrs: Add testcase to show forward declared items work via TypeAliasPhilip Herron2 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 hoursMerge #1759HEADstagingmasterbors[bot]1-4/+1
6 hoursMerge #1772bors[bot]2-2/+14
29 hoursAdded missing GroupedPattern visitors for code generationOwen Avery2-2/+14
30 hoursMerge #1771bors[bot]2-3/+11
2 daysAdd type resolution for grouped patternsOwen Avery1-3/+5
2 daysAdd get_item method for HIR::GroupedPatternOwen Avery1-0/+6
2 daysMerge #1769bors[bot]2-0/+17
3 daysAdd HIR lowering for GroupedPatternOwen Avery2-0/+17
3 daysMerge #1763bors[bot]2-0/+9
3 daysMerge #1760bors[bot]1-0/+5
3 daysDo not crash on empty macros expand. Fixes #1712Lyra2-0/+9
4 daysSupport GroupedPattern during name resolutionOwen Avery1-0/+5