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masterRevert "Marklive: support match expr"Philip Herron40 hours
phil/destructureMake TyTy::BaseType::destructure recursivePhilip Herron3 days
phil/canonicalizationCanonicalize types based on hashing than HirIds and TyTy equalityPhilip Herron3 days
stagingMerge #1258bors[bot]3 days
phil/slice-type-layout-devRecursive destructurePhilip Herron4 days
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40 hoursRevert "Marklive: support match expr"HEADmasterPhilip Herron3-42/+0
43 hoursMarklive: support match exprThomas Young3-0/+42
3 daysMerge #1258stagingbors[bot]8-28/+240
3 daysprivacy: PrivacyReporter: Handle builtin and unimplemented types betterArthur Cohen1-4/+8
3 daysprivacy: PrivacyReporter: Add type privacy checking on explicit typesArthur Cohen6-7/+198
3 daysmappings: Add reverse mappings from HirId -> NodeIdArthur Cohen2-21/+38
4 daysMerge #1255bors[bot]4-343/+340
5 daysMerge #1252 #1254bors[bot]3-10/+28
5 daysMerge #1250bors[bot]13-66/+172
5 daysprivacy: PrivacyReporter: Add visitors for all expressionsArthur Cohen4-343/+340
5 daysissue #1233: Do not rely on the endianness for testingArthur Cohen1-3/+3
6 daysprivacy: Handle calls to functions defined in previous ancestorsArthur Cohen2-7/+25