BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterinstaller: Use UUIDs in the 'swap-devices' field.Ludovic Courtès4 hours
wip-texlivegnu: Replace texlive-latex-pdfx with texlive-pdfx.Ricardo Wurmus18 hours
core-updatesgnu: python: Add missing patch.Jan (janneke) Nieuwenhuizen3 days
staging-nextgnu: python-breathe: Update to 4.22.1.Simon South5 days
wip-node-14gnu: node: Add node-14.14Jelle Licht6 days
v1.1.0guix-1.1.0.tar.gz  guix-1.1.0.tar.bz2  guix-1.1.0.tar.xz  Ludovic Courtès7 months
v1.1.0rc2guix-1.1.0rc2.tar.gz  guix-1.1.0rc2.tar.bz2  guix-1.1.0rc2.tar.xz  Ludovic Courtès7 months
v1.1.0rc1guix-1.1.0rc1.tar.gz  guix-1.1.0rc1.tar.bz2  guix-1.1.0rc1.tar.xz  Ludovic Courtès7 months
bootstrap-20190815guix-bootstrap-20190815.tar.gz  guix-bootstrap-20190815.tar.bz2  guix-bootstrap-20190815.tar.xz  Mark H Weaver14 months
v1.0.1guix-1.0.1.tar.gz  guix-1.0.1.tar.bz2  guix-1.0.1.tar.xz  Ludovic Courtès17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysgnu: python: Add missing patch.core-updatesJan (janneke) Nieuwenhuizen1-0/+27
4 daysgnu: python: Move Hurd-specific configure fix into a patch.Jan (janneke) Nieuwenhuizen2-12/+3
4 daysgnu: sqlite: Move Hurd-specific patch into source.Jan (janneke) Nieuwenhuizen1-17/+1
4 daysgnu: boost: Move conditional configure fix for the Hurd inline.Jan (janneke) Nieuwenhuizen1-7/+3
4 daysgnu: sudo: Undo "groff" dependency removal for the Hurd.Jan (janneke) Nieuwenhuizen1-4/+1
4 daysgnu: glibc: Move patches for the Hurd from cross-libc.Jan (janneke) Nieuwenhuizen2-21/+4
6 daysgnu: python-six: Update to 1.15.0.Simon South1-2/+2
7 daysgnu: mpc: Update to 1.2.1.Andreas Enge1-2/+2
8 daysgnu: inetutils: Let telnetd and rlogind find login.Michael Rohleder1-0/+1
8 daysgnu: libcacard: Enable tests.Christopher Baines1-3/+1
8 daysgnu: gnutls: Enable p11-kit.Christopher Baines1-5/+15
9 daysgnu: python-2.7: Byte compile files with a single optimization level.Maxim Cournoyer1-17/+16