BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastergnu: zutils: Update to 1.9.Tobias Geerinckx-Rice25 min.
staginggnu: gnupg: Update to 2.2.21.Tobias Geerinckx-Rice6 hours
wip-desktopgnu: gst-libav: Update package definition.Raghav Gururajan35 hours
core-updatesgnu: zstd: Update to 1.4.5.Tobias Geerinckx-Rice9 days
version-1.1.0doc: Inherit md5.scm fix in custom 'guile-lib' variant.Ludovic Courtès10 days
wip-haskell-updatesgnu: ghc-pandoc-citeproc: Build statically linked executable.Ricardo Wurmus10 days
wip-ppcsquash! datefudge patchEfraim Flashner3 weeks
wip-pinebook-proMerge branch 'master' into wip-pinebook-proVagrant Cascadian4 weeks
wip-hurd-vmsquash! system: bare-hurd.tmpl: Add openssh-sans-x client and service.Jan (janneke) Nieuwenhuizen4 weeks
staging2Merge branch 'master' into stagingMarius Bakke6 weeks
staging-oldMerge branch 'master' into stagingMarius Bakke7 weeks
wip-gnome3.36gnu: gnome-shell: Use libnma.Brice Waegeneire7 weeks
staging-nextgnu: dconf: Enable tests.Brice Waegeneire7 weeks
keyringAdd public key of bricewge.Ludovic Courtès2 months
wip-openpgpdoc: Recommend against SHA1 OpenPGP signatures.Ludovic Courtès2 months
wip-disk-imagevm: Remove obsolete procedures.Mathieu Othacehe2 months
r-updatesgnu: r-hdf5array: Update to 1.14.4.Ricardo Wurmus2 months
wip-rav1esquash! typeset the rest of the rust packages.Efraim Flashner3 months
wip-gnome3.34gnu: libical: Enable introspection and Vala bindings.Kei Kebreau3 months
guile-daemonguix/store/build-derivations.scm: new module.Caleb Ristvedt3 months
wip-installer-helpinstaller: Hide shepherd messages.Mathieu Othacehe3 months
wip-hurdgnu: coreutils: Typo: Use libcap only when supported.Jan Nieuwenhuizen3 months
wip-build-accumulator'--dry-run' no longer implies '--no-grafts'.Ludovic Courtès3 months
wip-guile3.0-packagesDRAFT gnu: guile: Default to 3.0.Ludovic Courtès4 months
wip-guile-3.0.1gnu: guile-next: Update to 3.0.1 with bug-fix for crash.Ludovic Courtès4 months
wip-installer-testservices: herd: Add restart-service.Mathieu Othacehe4 months
wip-installer-testsservices: herd: Add restart-service.Mathieu Othacehe4 months
wip-bootstrapgnu: commencement: Build file without bzip2.Jan Nieuwenhuizen5 months
version-1.0.1doc: Make sure 'htmlxref.cnf' is honored.Ludovic Courtès5 months
wip-postfixservices: Add postfix service.Gábor Boskovits5 months
wip-ocaml4.09Merge branch 'master' into wip-ocaml4.09Brett Gilio6 months
wip-system-bootstrapsystem: bootstrap: Compute and print the result's hash.Ludovic Courtès6 months
wip-full-source-bootstrapbootstrap: Remove %bootstrap-mescc-tools, %bootstrap-mes.Jan Nieuwenhuizen8 months
wip-lisp-xyzgnu: Move lisp libraries to lisp-xyz.scm and 'stumpwm' to 'wm'.Pierre Neidhardt8 months
wip-texliveMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into wip-texliveRicardo Wurmus10 months
wip-buildrootgnu: install-buildroot-u-boot: Add post-image-script.Danny Milosavljevic10 months
wip-cross-systemscripts: system: Add --target option.Mathieu Othacehe11 months
wip-texlive-importerWIP texlive-tlpdb: InitPierre Neidhardt12 months
version-1.0.0build: Add 'doc/build.scm' to build on-line copies of the manual.Ludovic Courtès12 months
wip-netlinkbuild: Add netlink structs to syscalls.Gábor Boskovits16 months
wip-perl6gnu: Add perl6-json.Efraim Flashner16 months
wip-deploy2Take another stab at this whole guix deploy thing.David Thompson16 months
snappergnu: Add snapper.Pierre Neidhardt17 months
install-doc-overhauldoc: Replace some cons* with beginner-friendly (append (list ...)).Pierre Neidhardt18 months
qt-updatesgnu: qscintilla: Update to 2.10.8.Efraim Flashner18 months
wip-ipfs-substitutesDRAFT substitute: Add IPFS support.Ludovic Courtès18 months
version-0.16.0doc: Remove stale reference to ''.Ludovic Courtès19 months
wip-rustgnu: rust: Document upstream's assessment.Danny Milosavljevic20 months
wip-ipfs2gx-download (DRAFT)Pierre Neidhardt21 months
wip-ipfsgx-download (DRAFT)Pierre Neidhardt21 months
version-0.15.0gnu: guix: Update to 4876bc8.Ludovic Courtès2 years
rhel6gnu: Add sjcount.Ricardo Wurmus2 years
reproduce-bug-29774UNTESTED: records: Detect duplicate field initializers.Mark H Weaver2 years
python-updatesMerge branch 'master' into python-updatesRicardo Wurmus2 years
version-0.14.0gnu: guix: Update to ad4953b.Ludovic Courtès3 years
wip-gexp-hygieneDRAFT gexp: Preserve scope across stages.Ludovic Courtès3 years
wip-build-systems-gexppackages: Core procedures are written in monadic style.Ludovic Courtès3 years
version-0.13.0doc: Fix qemu-system-x86_64 example.Danny Milosavljevic3 years
wip-potluckgnu: Add potluck host-channel service.Andy Wingo3 years
wip-git-httpsgnu: Add Git HTTP(S) service support.Andy Wingo3 years
imagemagick-updatesgnu: Add imagemagick-6.Leo Famulari3 years
wip-gexp-graftsDRAFT gexp: Turn grafting into a build continuation.Ludovic Courtès3 years
version-0.12.0gnu: guix: Really skip "pivot-root" test.Ludovic Courtès4 years
wip-deployscripts: Add deploy.David Thompson4 years
wip-loongson2fPRELIMINARY: Orc fixes on MIPS.Mark H Weaver4 years
wip-railsgnu: Add ruby-rails, ruby-sinatra and associated packages.Ben Woodcroft4 years
version-0.11.0doc: Fix typos.Ludovic Courtès4 years
wip-offload-compressionoffload: Compress only uncompressed files.Ludovic Courtès4 years
version-0.10.0gnu: guix: Update development snapshot.Ludovic Courtès4 years
wip-checktests: Silence tar.Mathieu Lirzin4 years
wip-mediagoblingnu: Add python-chardet.Christopher Allan Webber4 years
version-0.9.0gnu: guix: Update development snapshot.Ludovic Courtès5 years
wip-containerbuild: syscalls: Add pseudo-terminal bindings.David Thompson5 years
version-0.8.3gnu: guix: Update development snapshot.Ludovic Courtès5 years
nixTypoEelco Dolstra5 years
wip-graftspackages: Generalize the 'cached' macro.Ludovic Courtès6 years