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Support systems where fts.h can't be used with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS set
On some 32 systems (older glibc) the fts.h file cannot be included "as-is" if the _FILE_OFFSET_BITS macro is set to 64. This patch handles that case gently by including fts.h with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS unset, but then by making sure fts.h can still handle 64 bits file offset files. * Detect if we are on a system where fts.h cannot be included with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS defined. If that is the case, then define the BAD_FTS macro. * src/ If BAD_FTS is defined then include fts.h with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS not defined (that is, before config.h) but then make sure that open and fopen are 64 bits aware. * tools/ Likewise. Signed-off-by: Dodji Seketeli <>
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