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ir: Avoid cancelling a "confirmed" propagated canonical typeHEADusers/dodji/try-fixesmaster
When canonicalizing a type T at the IR level, the canonical type of T (aka C(T)) can be deduced in two ways: 1/ Either T structurally (aka member-wise) compares equal to another T' which has a canonical type C(T'). In that case we deduce that C(T) equals C(T'). 2/ Or, during the canonicalization of another type Y of which T is a sub-type, the comparison engine comes to compare T against a type T' that is already canonicalized and finds that T structurally compares equal to T'. In that case we deduce that C(T) equals C(T'), even though we were canonicalizing Y in the first place. In 2/ we C(T) is stored and so when comes the time to canonicalize T, we already know C(T). What happens in 2/ is called "canonical type propagation". Because the canonical type of T' is propagated to T while canonicalizing Y. There can be cases however where the propagated canonical type has to be "cancelled". This is described in the source code in in the "@ref OnTheFlyCanonicalization" chapter of the doxygen documentation. There are also cases where the propagated canonical type has been "confirmed", meaning, it cannot be cancelled anymore. Unfortunately, there seems to be (wrong) cases where confirmed propagated canonical types are being cancelled. Oops. That leads to having types that are missing canonical types down the road. This is exhibited by the self-comparison check of the avr-binutils-2.39-1.fc36.armv7hl.rpm package (more precisely when analyzing the 'objdump' binary from that package). This was triggered by the command: $ fedabipkgdiff --self-compare --from fc36 avr-binutils This patch improves the book keeping around IR canonical type propagation to avoid cancelling confirmed propagated canonical types. It introduces a flag to the type_base::priv sub-object to track the confirmation status of propagated canonical types. It then updates the book-keeping routines to make them avoid cancelling confirmed propagated canonical types. * src/abg-ir-priv.h (type_base::priv::propagated_canonical_type_confirmed_): Define new data member. (type_base::priv::priv): Initialize it. (type_base::priv::{propagated_canonical_type_confirmed, set_propagated_canonical_type_confirmed}): Define new member functions. (type_base::priv::clear_propagated_canonical_type): Do not clear the propagated canonical type if it has been confirmed already. (type_base::priv::confirm_ct_propagation_for_types_dependant_on): Rename type_base::confirm_ct into this. Mark the confirmed propagated types as being confirmed. (type_base::priv::confirm_ct_propagation): This is now a new member function that calls type_base::confirm_ct_propagation_for_types_dependant_on and that does the book-keeping that was being done in return_comparison_result. (type_base::priv::cancel_ct_propagation_for_types_dependant_on): Renamed type_base::priv::cancel_ct_propagation in this. (type_base::priv::cancel_ct_propagation): In this new one, call type_base::priv::cancel_ct_propagation_for_types_dependant_on. Perform here the book-keeping that was being done in return_comparison_result. Also, do not cancel a confirmed propagated canonical type. (type_base::priv::add_to_types_with_non_confirmed_propagated_ct): Define new member function. * src/ (return_comparison_result): Consider only types with non-confirmed propagated canonical types for the non-confirmed type queue. Also, only sub-types can be considered non-confirmed. Split out some of the book-keeping into type_base::priv::{confirm_ct_propagation, cancel_ct_propagation} and call these instead. Confirm the propagated canonical types of all types that remain after the comparison is fully done and is successful. (canonicalize): Assert the rule "The result of canonicalizing must always been a confirmed canonical type". Signed-off-by: Dodji Seketeli <>
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