BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterctf-reader: Strip qualification from a qualified array typeGuillermo E. Martinez21 min.
users/dodji/rhbz2134960dwarf-reader: Avoid duplicating member functionsDodji Seketeli24 hours
users/dodji/try-patchesUse the CTF reader by default when applicableGuillermo E. Martinez42 hours
users/dodji/front-endMake Front Ends first class citizensDodji Seketeli13 days
users/dodji/btfAdd support for BTFDodji Seketeli2 weeks
users/dodji/try-btfAdd support for BTFDodji Seketeli2 weeks
users/dodji/try-front-endMake Front Ends first class citizensDodji Seketeli2 weeks
users/dodji/try-buildkmidiff: Fix spacing in the help stringDodji Seketeli3 weeks
users/dodji/try-fixesrhbz2114909 - Refer to changed base classes using their non-qualified namesDodji Seketeli6 weeks
user/dodji/try-fixesrhbz2114909 - Refer to changed base classes using their non-qualified namesDodji Seketeli6 weeks
libabigail-2.1-branchir: Properly indent overload of equals() for class_declDodji Seketeli7 weeks
users/dodji/try-mergeBug 29650 - Caching class comparison result potentially too earlyDodji Seketeli8 weeks
users/dodji/ctf-fallbackuse CTF as a fallback when no DWARF debug info is presentGuillermo E. Martinez via Libabigail8 weeks
users/dodji/canonicalize-typedefsir, writer: Go back to canonicalizing typedefs in the IRDodji Seketeli2 months
users/dodji/libabigail-perf-regrir, writer: Go back to canonicalizing typedefs in the IRDodji Seketeli2 months
users/dodji/try-canonicalize-typedefsir, writer: Go back to canonicalizing typedefs in the IRDodji Seketeli2 months
users/dodji/try-libabigail-perf-regrir, writer: Go back to canonicalizing typedefs in the IRDodji Seketeli3 months
users/dodji/subranges-supportWIP: Support subranges as proper standalone typesDodji Seketeli3 months
users/dodji/try-fix-ctf-testsUpdate test-read-ctf reference outputDodji Seketeli3 months
users/dodji/try-fix-ldso-analysisUpdate test-read-ctf reference outputDodji Seketeli3 months
users/dodji/try-revert-abi-only-compir: Don't consider different int types of same kind and size as equivalentDodji Seketeli3 months
bug-fixesir: Make pointers name stable wrt decl-only-ness of pointed-to typesDodji Seketeli4 months
libc-irc-crash-reportWIP: fix a crash while analysing libc, reported on IRCDodji Seketeli4 months
free-range-typesWIP: Support writing/reading/diffing free range typesDodji Seketeli5 months
fix-dwarf-str-cmpdwarf-reader: Fix DWARF string comparison optimizationDodji Seketeli6 months
fixesdwarf-reader: Fix DWARF string comparison optimizationDodji Seketeli8 months
PR26646dwarf-reader: Don't propagate canonical type upon aggregate redundancyDodji Seketeli9 months
patchesBug 28191 - Interpret DWARF 5 addrx locationsGiuliano Procida10 months
ctf-branchAdd support for the CTF debug format to libabigail.Jose E. Marchesi via Libabigail13 months
ctf-branch-originalAdd support for the CTF debug format to libabigail.Jose E. Marchesi via Libabigail13 months
PR28364Bug 28364 - libwiretap fails self comparisonDodji Seketeli13 months
PR27236Compare anonymous types without taking qualified names into accountDodji Seketeli16 months
PR27995Bug 27995 - Self comparison error from abixml fileDodji Seketeli17 months
rhbz1951526abg-reader: Fix typoDodji Seketeli18 months
rhbz1944088xml reader: Fix recursive qualified & reference type definitionDodji Seketeli18 months
mm-symtab-readersymtab: Add support for MODVERSIONS (CRC checksums)Matthias Maennich20 months
libabigail-1.8-branchUpdate ChangeLog for 1.8.2Dodji Seketeli21 months
dodji/fixesBetter sorting of (anonymous) types in ABIXML filesDodji Seketeli21 months
mm-nextir: Arrays are indirect types for type similarity purposesDodji Seketeli24 months
relicensingAdd a license-change-2020.txt fileDodji Seketeli24 months
dodji/mergeabipkgdiff: make --self-check to fail on any change against own ABIXMLDodji Seketeli2 years
dodji/PR26769dwarf-reader: support artificially generated translation unitsDodji Seketeli2 years
dodji/stable-idsMake sure to canonicalize all types but decl-only classesDodji Seketeli2 years
dodji/stabler-idswriter: Sort decls and fix topological sorting for typesDodji Seketeli2 years
dodji/PR26739Bug PR26739 - Handle qualified typedef array typesDodji Seketeli2 years
PR26684Bump ABIXML format version to 2.0Dodji Seketeli2 years
dodji/mult-headersMake abidiff and abidw support several --headers-dir{1,2} optionsDodji Seketeli2 years
dodji/rAdd a license-change-2020.txt fileDodji Seketeli2 years
dodji/incomp-enumsAdd tests for declaration-only enums.Giuliano Procida2 years
dodji/PR26135Bug 26135 - Wrong linkage name causes anonymous classes miscomparisonDodji Seketeli2 years
dodji/PR25661Bug 25661 - Support data member replacement by anonymous data memberDodji Seketeli3 years
mm/sort-tu-by-namecorpus/writer: sort emitted translation units by path nameMatthias Maennich3 years
dodji/suppress-file-abixmlabixml-reader: Support SONAME related properties on file suppressionDodji Seketeli3 years
mm-writer-improvementscorpus/writer: sort emitted translation units by path nameMatthias Maennich3 years
compare-all-typesMisc typo fixesDodji Seketeli3 years
nextBug 25128 - Handle decl-only classes that differ only in sizeDodji Seketeli3 years
PR25095Bug 25128 - Handle decl-only classes that differ only in sizeDodji Seketeli3 years
PR25007Bug 25007 - Don't use section-relative symbol values on ET_REL binariesDodji Seketeli3 years
cppabicheckInitial commit for the cppabicheck toolDodji Seketeli3 years
supprBetter propagate suppressed-ness to function typesDodji Seketeli3 years
speed-optSerialize canonical types to avoid testing if types have been emittedDodji Seketeli3 years
anontypesBetter handle several anonymous types of the same kindDodji Seketeli4 years
anonymous-member-typesHandle several member anonymous types of the same kindDodji Seketeli4 years
mult-di-rootSo light style change in abidiff.ccDodji Seketeli4 years
redundant-diffMisc style fixexDodji Seketeli4 years
compare-structureBetter detect when diff nodes only carry local type changesDodji Seketeli5 years
unnamed-dmShow data member offsets in bytes tooDodji Seketeli5 years
kabidiffMisc style changesDodji Seketeli5 years
dodji/leaf-type-diff-reportsAdd --impacted-changes option to kmidiffDodji Seketeli5 years
dodji/kabidiffAllow several kinds of reports to be emittedDodji Seketeli5 years
dodji/PR20476Misc style fixesDodji Seketeli6 years
branch-libabigail-1.0.rc6Fix aborting when reading .foo symbols from a ppc64 binaryDodji Seketeli6 years
abixml-reworkBug 18892 - type degradation from DWARF to abixml on libtsan.soDodji Seketeli7 years
sinny/abipkgdiff[abipkgdiff] Regression test for abipkgdiff toolSinny Kumari7 years
sinny/python-bindingWrapper for deleted_functions and added_functions of corpus_diff classSinny Kumari8 years
xml-reportAdd support for class type changes in the IFACDodji Seketeli8 years
libabigail-2.1libabigail-2.1.tar.gz  libabigail-2.1.tar.bz2  libabigail-2.1.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli2 months
libabigail-2.0libabigail-2.0.tar.gz  libabigail-2.0.tar.bz2  libabigail-2.0.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli14 months
libabigail-1.8.2libabigail-1.8.2.tar.gz  libabigail-1.8.2.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.8.2.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli21 months
libabigail-1.8.1libabigail-1.8.1.tar.gz  libabigail-1.8.1.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.8.1.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli22 months
libabigail-1.8libabigail-1.8.tar.gz  libabigail-1.8.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.8.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli24 months
libabigail-1.7libabigail-1.7.tar.gz  libabigail-1.7.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.7.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli3 years
libabigail-1.6libabigail-1.6.tar.gz  libabigail-1.6.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.6.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli4 years
libabigail-1.5libabigail-1.5.tar.gz  libabigail-1.5.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.5.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli4 years
libabigail-1.4libabigail-1.4.tar.gz  libabigail-1.4.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.4.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli4 years
libabigail-1.3libabigail-1.3.tar.gz  libabigail-1.3.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.3.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli5 years
libabigail-1.2libabigail-1.2.tar.gz  libabigail-1.2.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.2.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli5 years
libabigail-1.1libabigail-1.1.tar.gz  libabigail-1.1.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.1.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli5 years
libabigail-1.0libabigail-1.0.tar.gz  libabigail-1.0.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.0.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli5 years
libabigail-1.0.rc6libabigail-1.0.rc6.tar.gz  libabigail-1.0.rc6.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.0.rc6.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli6 years
libabigail-1.0.rc5libabigail-1.0.rc5.tar.gz  libabigail-1.0.rc5.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.0.rc5.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli6 years
libabigail-1.0.rc4libabigail-1.0.rc4.tar.gz  libabigail-1.0.rc4.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.0.rc4.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli7 years
libabigail-1.0.rc3libabigail-1.0.rc3.tar.gz  libabigail-1.0.rc3.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.0.rc3.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli7 years
libabigail-1.0.rc2libabigail-1.0.rc2.tar.gz  libabigail-1.0.rc2.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.0.rc2.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli7 years
libabigail-1.0.rc1libabigail-1.0.rc1.tar.gz  libabigail-1.0.rc1.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.0.rc1.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli7 years
1.0.rc0libabigail-1.0.rc0.tar.gz  libabigail-1.0.rc0.tar.bz2  libabigail-1.0.rc0.tar.xz  Dodji Seketeli7 years