BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAuto merge of #96100 - Raekye:master, r=dtolnaybors4 hours
betaAuto merge of #97175 - Mark-Simulacrum:beta-next, r=Mark-Simulacrumbors4 days
stableAuto merge of #97128 - Mark-Simulacrum:stable-next, r=Mark-Simulacrumbors5 days
notriddle/deref-slice-corerustdoc: prevent B -> C -> B -> C loops from stack overflowingMichael Howell3 weeks
const_tls_local_panic_countUse const initializer for LOCAL_PANIC_COUNTbjorn34 weeks
1.61.0rust-1.61.0.tar.gz  rust-1.61.0.tar.bz2  rust-1.61.0.tar.xz  Mark Rousskov4 days
1.60.0rust-1.60.0.tar.gz  rust-1.60.0.tar.bz2  rust-1.60.0.tar.xz  Pietro Albini7 weeks
1.59.0rust-1.59.0.tar.gz  rust-1.59.0.tar.bz2  rust-1.59.0.tar.xz  Mark Rousskov3 months
1.58.1rust-1.58.1.tar.gz  rust-1.58.1.tar.bz2  rust-1.58.1.tar.xz  Pietro Albini4 months
1.58.0rust-1.58.0.tar.gz  rust-1.58.0.tar.bz2  rust-1.58.0.tar.xz  Pietro Albini4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 hoursAuto merge of #96100 - Raekye:master, r=dtolnayHEADmasterbors1-4/+4
7 hoursAuto merge of #96455 - dtolnay:writetmp, r=m-ou-sebors4-14/+118
9 hoursFix clippy explicit_write lint for new writeln implementationDavid Tolnay1-2/+34
9 hoursAuto merge of #96906 - tbu-:pr_stabilize_to_ipv4_mapped, r=dtolnaybors1-5/+5
10 hoursMake write/print macros eagerly drop temporariesDavid Tolnay2-12/+14
10 hoursAdd test of temporaries inside format_args of core/std macrosDavid Tolnay1-0/+70
12 hoursAuto merge of #97258 - jackh726:nll-revisions, r=cjgillotbors395-1080/+2273
14 hoursUse revisions for NLL in lifetimesJack Huey108-145/+398
14 hoursUse revisions for NLL in suggestionsJack Huey23-93/+330
14 hoursUse revisions for NLL in issuesJack Huey48-78/+159
14 hoursUse revisions for NLL in hrtbJack Huey21-71/+95
14 hoursUse revisions for NLL in traitsJack Huey6-26/+110