BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAuto merge of #78540 - RalfJung:miri, r=RalfJungbors4 hours
LeSeulArtichaut-patch-1Add regression test for issue #76042LeSeulArtichaut16 hours
GuillaumeGomez-patch-1Fix typo "compiltest"Guillaume Gomez37 hours
revert-77961-embed-bitcodeRevert "Set .llvmbc and .llvmcmd sections as allocatable"Tyler Mandry6 days
betaAuto merge of #78148 - Mark-Simulacrum:beta-76980, r=pietroalbinibors9 days
temp-dev-stableAuto merge of #77336 - pietroalbini:pkgname, r=<try>bors3 weeks
stableAuto merge of #77642 - pietroalbini:stable-next, r=pietroalbinibors3 weeks
wesleywiser-patch-1Add unstable book docs for `-Zunsound-mir-opts`Wesley Wiser4 weeks
nightly-devAuto merge of #77145 - pietroalbini:refactor-build-manifest-versions, r=<try>bors5 weeks
revert-76110-convert-openoptions-cintRevert "Function to convert OpenOptions to c_int"Joshua Nelson5 weeks
rust-analyzer-2020-09-14:arrow_up: rust-analyzerJonas Schievink7 weeks
rust-analyzer-2020-09-09:arrow_up: rust-analyzerJonas Schievink7 weeks
jonas-schievink-patch-1Fix typo (`thumbv8m.main-none-eabihf` is Mainline)Jonas Schievink2 months
pr-75593Auto merge of #75593 - Mark-Simulacrum:compiler-docs-must-not-overlap, r=<try>bors2 months
min_const_generics-versionfix `min_const_generics` versionBastian Kauschke3 months
Havvy-patch-1See also X-Link mem::{swap, take, replace}Ryan Scheel3 months
x-link-mem-swapsSee Also X-Linking for std::mem::{swap, replace, take}Ryan Scheel3 months
into_raw_non_nullRemove deprecated unstable `{Box,Rc,Arc}::into_raw_non_null` functionsSimon Sapin3 months
vec-leakStabilize `Vec::leak`Simon Sapin3 months
tmp-nightlyAuto merge of #73265 - mark-i-m:mv-std, r=<try>bors3 months
const-generics-coerce-unsizedadd const genericsBastian Kauschke3 months
remove-most-azureci: disable Azure Pipelines except for macOSPietro Albini3 months
revert-74416-linker-locale-utf8Revert "Use an UTF-8 locale for the linker."Jonas Schievink3 months
lcnr-patch-1fix typoBastian Kauschke4 months
Camelid-RustThanksAdd CamelidKyle J Strand5 months
sfackler-patch-1Fix release notes for niche initialization changeSteven Fackler5 months
jonas-schievink-patch-2Whitelist #[allow_internal_unstable]Jonas Schievink5 months
steveklabnik-must-usemake many ptr functions must_useSteve Klabnik5 months
try-build-llvmAuto merge of #72000 - cuviper:dist-llvm, r=<try>bors6 months
cleanup-e0554Clean up E0554 explanationGuillaume Gomez6 months
XAMPPRocky-patch-2Rename feature_request. to feature_request.mdXAMPPRocky7 months
accept-felixes-typotriagebot.toml: accept typo due to pnkfelixMazdak Farrokhzad7 months
autoAuto merge of #69402 - GuillaumeGomez:extend-search, r=kinnisonbors7 months
tryAuto merge of #68965 - eddyb:mir-inline-scope, r=<try>bors7 months
triagebot-ping-aliastriagebot.toml: add typo aliasesMazdak Farrokhzad8 months
beta-fix-69341Update expand.rsMazdak Farrokhzad8 months
XAMPPRocky-patch-1-1Update my mailmap entryXAMPPRocky9 months
XAMPPRocky-patch-1Update my mailmap entry.XAMPPRocky9 months
pass-check-runfailadd build-fail to 32-bit testsMazdak Farrokhzad10 months
ostrichleave a FIXMEMazdak Farrokhzad11 months
llvm-icebreakers-ping-1Update triagebot.tomlNiko Matsakis12 months
llvm-icebreakers-pingadd llvm icebreakers ping optionNiko Matsakis12 months
to-be-dev-nightlyAuto merge of #65453 - Mark-Simulacrum:temp-nightly, r=Mark-Simulacrumbors12 months
turbo-expanderOnly expand types that contain projectionsTyler Mandry13 months
must-use-joinMark Path::join as must_useAleksey Kladov13 months
promote-tmpAuto merge of #64823 - cuviper:min-std, r=<try>bors13 months
permit-asyncawait-ondeck-by-anyoneUpdate triagebot.tomlNiko Matsakis13 months
nitpick-slprustc book: nitpick SLP vectorizationRobin Kruppe13 months
spastorino-patch-1Update src/librustc/ty/mod.rsSantiago Pastorino13 months
clarify-tidy-sinceClarify the "since" tidy checkMazdak Farrokhzad13 months
fix-1.38-type_name-1Update RELEASES.mdKyle J Strand13 months
fix-1.38-type_nameUpdate RELEASES.mdKyle J Strand13 months
adt-docs-fix`AdtDef` is an algebraic data type, not abstract data type.Mazdak Farrokhzad13 months
whitelist-thumbWhitelist ARM thumb-mode (as "thumb")Robin Kruppe14 months
oli-obk-patch-1Merge oli-obk mail addressesOliver Scherer14 months
fix-async-dateasync_await was stabilized in 1.39.0, not 1.38.0.Mazdak Farrokhzad14 months
maybe-uninit-gatesAdjust tracking issues for `MaybeUninit<T>` gatesMazdak Farrokhzad15 months
gitignore-readd-tmp.gitignore: Explain why `/obj/` is ignoredMazdak Farrokhzad15 months
fix-63313Update README.mdMazdak Farrokhzad15 months
some-new-labelsAllow rustbot to add `F-*` + `requires-nightly`.Mazdak Farrokhzad15 months
mutable-overloaded-operatorsAdd help message for mutation though overloaded place operatorsMatthew Jasper16 months
fix-loop-break-mir-generationBreak out of the correct number of scopes in loopsMatthew Jasper16 months
debug-for-422wipkennytm16 months
generators-clone-docClosures implement Copy and Clone, generators don'tJake Goulding16 months
single_derivein which we decline to lint single-use lifetimes in `derive`d implsZack M. Davis17 months
fix-dev-no-commentUpdate bootstrap compiler to 1.34.2Mark Rousskov18 months
nrc-patch-1Remove nrc from toolstate pingsNick Cameron18 months
remove-unwanted-z-indexRemove unwanted z-index changeGuillaume Gomez18 months
sort_by_cached_keyFix the link to sort_by_cached_keyJosh Stone19 months
shallow-borrow-fixesFixes for shallow borrowsMatthew Jasper19 months
place2_2Make iterate take a FnOnce with PlaceBase and PlaceProjectionIterSantiago Pastorino20 months
steveklabnik-patch-1fix linkSteve Klabnik20 months
pietroalbini-patch-1Update README.mdPietro Albini20 months
download-docker-cache-with-timeout(test)kennytm20 months
fix-publish-toolstate-syntax-errorFix the syntax error in publish_toolstate.pykennytm20 months
multisuggest_disambiguationmultiple substitutions become multiple children in JSON outputZack M. Davis21 months
c9788fdd5b8Auto merge of #57914 - jethrogb:jb/sgx-unwind-version, r=alexcrichtonbors21 months
beta-nextallow unused warnings related to rustc_layout_scalar_valid_range_startPietro Albini21 months
stable-nextUpdate the `tar` crateAlex Crichton21 months
upper-tupleAuto merge of #57567 - Centril:stabilize-transpose, r=alexregbors22 months
SimonSapin-patch-1src/jemalloc is gone, remove its mention from COPYRIGHTSimon Sapin22 months
sgrif-patch-1Fix typo in pin documentationSean Griffin22 months
stable-1.31.1bump to rust 1.31.1Pietro Albini22 months
borrowck-niche-discriminantsMake determining the discriminant a normal Shallow readMatthew Jasper23 months
homu-tmpAuto merge of #55011 - vi:panic_immediate_abort, r=alexcrichtonbors23 months
opt-fuseDocument optimizations enabled by FusedIteratorSimon Sapin24 months
clean-two-dotsCorrect trailing ellipsis in name_from_patvarkor2 years
xcode9.4CI: Try to switch to xcode9.4 & 10.kennytm2 years
kennytm/steal-the-cron-jobmove along, nothing to see here.kennytm2 years
Aaronepower-patch-1Update RELEASES.mdAaron Power2 years
upgrade-to-9.4-xcodecommit test #1Mark Rousskov2 years
alloc_error_handlerRemove `extern` on the `pub fn rust_oom` lang item in libstd, to match ABI of...Simon Sapin2 years
alloc-preludeReformat std prelude source to show it is the sum of core and alloc preludesSimon Sapin2 years
weak-unboxingFix is_dangling import when Arc is #[cfg]’ed outSimon Sapin2 years
align-is-nonzeroDocument that Layout::from_size_align does not allow align=0Simon Sapin2 years
alex-tmptmp-test-everythingAlex Crichton2 years
nll-alias-analysisAuto merge of #50137 - nox:rm-bool-cmp-hack, r=eddybbors3 years