BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastermacos: Fix missing syscall ulock_wait (OS X 10.12). bz#379754Rhys Kidd2 days
jit-hacks-2Cherry pick 074de238d44c0cdaf394489ea69a67b76916fbce from master.Ivo Raisr10 months
jit-hacksFix VEX register allocator (v3) to work with HInstrSB, HInstrVec.Ivo Raisr12 months
svn/VALGRIND_3_8_BRANCH_BGQMerge VEX_3_8_BRANCH_BGQ into VALGRIND_3_8_BRANCH_BGQIvo Raisr12 months
svn/VALGRIND_3_13_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_13_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_13_BRANCHIvo Raisr12 months
svn/VALGRIND_3_13_0valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_13_0.tar.gz  valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_13_0.tar.bz2  valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_13_0.tar.xz  Ivo Raisr12 months
svn/VALGRIND_3_12_0valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_12_0.tar.gz  valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_12_0.tar.bz2  valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_12_0.tar.xz  Ivo Raisr12 months
svn/VALGRIND_3_11_0valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_11_0.tar.gz  valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_11_0.tar.bz2  valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_11_0.tar.xz  Ivo Raisr12 months
svn/VALGRIND_3_10_1valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_10_1.tar.gz  valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_10_1.tar.bz2  valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_10_1.tar.xz  Ivo Raisr12 months
svn/VALGRIND_3_9_0valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_9_0.tar.gz  valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_9_0.tar.bz2  valgrind-svn/VALGRIND_3_9_0.tar.xz  Ivo Raisr12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2 daysmacos: Fix missing syscall ulock_wait (OS X 10.12). bz#379754HEADmasterRhys Kidd5-4/+48
2 daysmacos: Fix valgrind OS-X build: config.h not found (out-of-tree macOS builds)...Rhys Kidd3-2/+2
3 daysarm64 front end: add early-writeback handling for w (32 bit int) and q (128 b...Julian Seward1-5/+8
3 dayssupp_pattEQinp: initialise a variable that gcc 7.3.1 + LTO thinks might be us...Julian Seward1-1/+1
5 daysFix 388174 - valgrind with Wine quits with "Assertion 'cfsi_fits' failed"Julian Seward1-13/+36
5 daysAdd changes to ensure that a DebugInfo that has been archived cannot be archi...Julian Seward1-1/+11
5 daysOn x86: enable by default, expensive-when-needed instrumentation of Add32.Julian Seward1-0/+1
5 daysx86 front end: add spec rules for S/NS after SUBL(x, 0)Julian Seward1-0/+27
7 daysImprove bpf wrapper to check arguments more carefullyTom Hughes2-100/+192
7 daysAdd file descriptor tracking in wrappers for bpf system callQuentin Monnet2-12/+212
7 daysAdd support for bpf system callQuentin Monnet5-1/+497
7 daysMove pre_check for ASCII string out of PRE(sys_prctl)Quentin Monnet1-21/+31