BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dl_runtime_resolveIncorrect call-graph tracking due to new _dl_runtime_resolve_xsave*Mark Wielaard2 weeks
sched_getsetattrHandle linux syscalls sched_getattr and sched_setattrMark Wielaard2 weeks
epollepoll_ctl warns for uninitialized padding on non-amd64 64bit archesMark Wielaard2 weeks
REX-prefix-JMPHandle REX prefixed JMP instruction.Mark Wielaard2 weeks
x86_amd64_featuresUpdate x86_amd64_features for other cpuid feature masks.Mark Wielaard5 weeks
auxchecksauxchecks gslMark Wielaard6 weeks
avx512Rename gdbserver register files to use lowercase avx512 xml.Mark Wielaard7 weeks
xml-idsdocs: Make sure all elements that need it have an id tag.Mark Wielaard2 months
execveatAdd support for execveat syscallAlexandra Hájková2 months
docsMove to xmlto with fop for print-docs.Mark Wielaard3 months
arm64-libgcc-supgcc10 arm64 build needs __getauxval for linking with libgccMark Wielaard3 months
time64Add 32bit time64 syscalls for arm, mips32, ppc32 and x86.Mark Wielaard5 months
pvrw2Add support for preadv2 and pwritev2 syscallsAlexandra Hájková14 months
pkey-syscallslinux x86 and amd64 memory protection key syscalls.Mark Wielaard14 months
avx-f16-rdrandExpose rdrand and f16c through cpuid also if the host only has avx.Mark Wielaard15 months
gpl-header-cleanupCleanup GPL header address notices by using Wielaard15 months
some-stack-protectorAdd -Wl,-z,now to some binaries.Mark Wielaard15 months
gdb-output2Bug 406357Mark Wielaard16 months
dhat-x86dhat is broken on x86 (32bit)Mark Wielaard16 months
libstdc++-suppMore memcheck/tests/libstdc++.supp suppressionsMark Wielaard16 months
missing-a-cAdd missing cachegrind/tests/a.c to EXTRA_DIST.Mark Wielaard16 months
more-libexecMove more executable helper files to libexec.Mark Wielaard16 months
implicit-fallthroughimplicit-fallthroughMark Wielaard17 months
power9-addexBug 402519 - POWER 3.0 addex instruction incorrectly implementedMark Wielaard19 months
vbit-test-secImplement Iop_Sar64 in the x86 back end.Julian Seward20 months
ppc64_ptraceImplement minimal ptrace support for ppc64[le]-linux.Mark Wielaard20 months
PR386945Fix memcheck/tests/undef_malloc_args failure.Julian Seward20 months
undef_malloc_argsFix memcheck/tests/undef_malloc_args testcase.Mark Wielaard20 months
set_AC_CR6PR386945 set_AV_CR6 patchMark Wielaard20 months
lxvb16x-hacksImplement ppc64 lxvb16x as 128-bit vector load with reversed double words.Mark Wielaard20 months
ldbrx-hacksmemcheck: Allow unaligned loads of words on ppc64[le].Mark Wielaard20 months
lxvd2x-hacksmemcheck: Allow unaligned loads of 128bit vectors on ppc64[le].Mark Wielaard20 months
sigkill-filterFix sigkill.stderr.exp for glibc-2.28.Mark Wielaard20 months
wcsncmpBug 401627 - Add wcsncmp override and testcase.Mark Wielaard20 months
i386-arch_prctlBug 397012 - glibc uses arch_prctl on i386.Mark Wielaard2 years
separate-codeAccept read-only PT_LOAD segments and .rodata.Mark Wielaard2 years
arm64-ptraceImplement ptrace syscall wrapper for arm64-linux.Mark Wielaard2 years
arm64-hw-capMask AT_HWCAPS on arm64 to those instructions VEX implements.Mark Wielaard2 years
debug-alt-linkFix gnu debug alt file resolving.Mark Wielaard3 years
suppress-dl-trampoline-sse-avxSuppress _dl_runtime_resolve_avx_slow for memcheck conditional.Mark Wielaard3 years
dl-trampoline-sse-avxWorkaround glibc dl-trampoline sse/avx optimization in memcheck sh-mem-vec128.Mark Wielaard3 years
jit-hacks-2Cherry pick 074de238d44c0cdaf394489ea69a67b76916fbce from master.Ivo Raisr3 years
masterVEX register allocator: allocate caller-save registers for short lived vregs.Ivo Raisr3 years
jit-hacksFix VEX register allocator (v3) to work with HInstrSB, HInstrVec.Ivo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_3_13_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_13_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_13_BRANCHIvo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_3_12_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_12_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_12_BRANCHIvo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_3_11_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_11_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_11_BRANCHIvo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_3_10_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_10_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_10_BRANCHIvo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_3_9_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_9_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_9_BRANCHIvo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_3_8_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_8_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_8_BRANCHIvo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_3_7_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_7_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_7_BRANCHIvo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_3_5_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_5_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_5_BRANCHIvo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_3_6_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_6_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_6_BRANCHIvo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_3_3_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_3_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_3_BRANCHIvo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_3_4_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_4_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_4_BRANCHIvo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_3_1_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_1_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_1_BRANCHIvo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_3_2_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_2_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_2_BRANCHIvo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_3_0_BRANCHMerge VEX_3_0_BRANCH into VALGRIND_3_0_BRANCHIvo Raisr3 years
svn/VALGRIND_2_2_0_BRANCHFix incorrect info about using GDB on Valgrind.Nicholas Nethercote16 years
svn/VALGRIND_2_0_BRANCH--> 1.9.6Julian Seward17 years
svn/VALGRIND_1_0_BRANCHdon't use acconfig.h anymore because its deprecated with newer autoconfDirk Mueller18 years