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rustbuild: Start building --enable-extended
This commit adds a new flag to the configure script, `--enable-extended`, which is intended for specifying a desire to compile the full suite of Rust tools such as Cargo, the RLS, etc. This is also an indication that the build system should create combined installers such as the pkg/exe/msi artifacts. Currently the `--enable-extended` flag just indicates that combined installers should be built, and Cargo is itself not compiled just yet but rather only downloaded from its location. The intention here is to quickly get to feature parity with the current release process and then we can start improving it afterwards. All new files in this PR inside `src/etc/installer` are copied from the rust-packaging repository.
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4*.cpp rust 4*.cpp rust
5*.h rust 5*.h rust
6*.rs rust 6*.rs rust
7src/etc/pkg/rust-logo.ico binary 7src/etc/installer/gfx/* binary
8src/etc/pkg/rust-logo.png binary
9*.woff binary 8*.woff binary
10src/vendor/* binary 9src/vendor/* binary