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parentAuto merge of #46335 - oli-obk:cleanups, r=jseyfried (diff)
parentDo not produce debuginfo for tools (diff)
Auto merge of #45002 - oli-obk:miri, r=eddyb
Validate miri against the HIR const evaluator r? @eddyb cc @alexcrichton @arielb1 @RalfJung The interesting parts are the last few functions in `librustc_const_eval/` * We warn if miri produces an error while HIR const eval does not. * We warn if miri produces a value that does not match the value produced by HIR const eval * if miri succeeds and HIR const eval fails, nothing is emitted, but we still return the HIR error * if both error, nothing is emitted and the HIR const eval error is returned So there are no actual changes, except that miri is forced to produce the same values as the old const eval. * This does **not** touch the const evaluator in trans at all. That will come in a future PR. * This does **not** cause any code to compile that didn't compile before. That will also come in the future It would be great if someone could start a crater run if travis passes
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294 cp -r obj/build/dist/* deploy/$TRAVIS_COMMIT; 294 cp -r obj/build/dist/* deploy/$TRAVIS_COMMIT;
295 fi 295 fi
296 - travis_retry gem update --system 296 - travis_retry gem update --system
297 - ls -la deploy/$TRAVIS_COMMIT
297 298
298deploy: 299deploy:
299 - provider: s3 300 - provider: s3