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parentAuto merge of #49830 - sinkuu:fix_ice_47715, r=cramertj (diff)
rustbuild: allow building tools with debuginfo
Debugging information for the extended tools is currently disabled for concerns about the size. This patch adds `--enable-debuginfo-tools` to let one opt into having that debuginfo. This is useful for debugging the tools in distro packages. We always strip debuginfo into separate packages anyway, so the extra size is not a concern in regular use.
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262# standard library. 262# standard library.
263#debuginfo-only-std = false 263#debuginfo-only-std = false
264 264
265# Enable debuginfo for the extended tools: cargo, rls, rustfmt
266# Adding debuginfo increases their sizes by a factor of 3-4.
267#debuginfo-tools = false
265# Whether or not jemalloc is built and enabled 269# Whether or not jemalloc is built and enabled
266#use-jemalloc = true 270#use-jemalloc = true
267 271