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* Review feedback: Fix typo.Felix S. Klock II2018-05-291-1/+1
* Expand two-phase-borrows so that a case like this still compiles:Felix S. Klock II2018-05-291-10/+34
* remove -Znll -- borrowck=mir implies nll nowNiko Matsakis2018-04-151-13/+1
* stop using `borrows` for anything but iterating over live dataNiko Matsakis2018-04-151-0/+16
* use the `activations_at_location` map to check activationsNiko Matsakis2018-04-151-4/+4
* extract code to build borrow-set into `borrow_check::borrow_set`Niko Matsakis2018-04-151-3/+249
* relocate `BorrowData` etc into `borrow_check::borrow_set`Niko Matsakis2018-04-151-0/+78