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* Debug flag to bypass restriction of mutation in match guards.Felix S. Klock II2018-05-291-1/+3
* operate on `HirId` in `hir::Pat::each_binding`, and consequences of thatZack M. Davis2018-05-281-2/+1
* Use `Ident`s for fields in HIRVadim Petrochenkov2018-05-261-1/+1
* Rename `amt` variables to `shift`Oliver Schneider2018-05-241-3/+3
* Prefer `to_value_with_len` over manual expanison of itOliver Schneider2018-05-241-7/+2
* `tcx.lift_to_global` > `tcx.global_tcx().lift`Oliver Schneider2018-05-241-3/+2
* Wrongly named a closure `clamp` when it was doing truncationOliver Schneider2018-05-241-5/+5
* Reuse `to_bits` instead of badly reinventing itOliver Schneider2018-05-241-17/+14
* Only defined bits are relevantOliver Schneider2018-05-241-2/+3
* Don't ICE on horrible transmutes in pattern constantsOliver Schneider2018-05-241-4/+5
* Simplify a ScalarPair creationOliver Schneider2018-05-241-7/+2
* Get rid of `scalar_size`Oliver Schneider2018-05-244-17/+30
* Rebase falloutOliver Schneider2018-05-241-10/+10
* change `Value::Bytes` to `Value::Bits`Oliver Schneider2018-05-244-37/+54
* Remove Pointer::zero in favor of Pointer::fromOliver Schneider2018-05-242-8/+4
* Rename MemoryPointer to PointerOliver Schneider2018-05-242-4/+4
* Eliminate the `Pointer` wrapper typeOliver Schneider2018-05-242-2/+2
* Rename ByVal(Pair) to Scalar(Pair)Oliver Schneider2018-05-242-16/+16
* Rename PrimVal to ScalarOliver Schneider2018-05-242-24/+30
* Add constant for `Size::from_bytes(0)`Oliver Schneider2018-05-242-6/+5
* Introduce AllocType which indicates what AllocIds point toJohn Kåre Alsaker2018-05-221-17/+6
* Get rid of literal_alloc_cacheJohn Kåre Alsaker2018-05-222-11/+50
* rustc: make mk_substs_trait take &[Kind] instead of &[Ty].Eduard-Mihai Burtescu2018-05-211-2/+2
* Auto merge of #50851 - eddyb:the-only-constant, r=nikomatsakisbors2018-05-201-4/+4
| * rustc: introduce {ast,hir}::AnonConst to consolidate so-called "embedded cons...Eduard-Mihai Burtescu2018-05-191-4/+4
* | Use `Size` instead of `u64` in mir interpretationOliver Schneider2018-05-193-6/+7
* Rename trans to codegen everywhere.Irina Popa2018-05-173-6/+6
* label-break-value: Parsing and AST/HIR changesest312018-05-161-1/+1
* Remove LoopIdResultest312018-05-151-6/+4
* Remove hir::ScopeTargetest312018-05-151-6/+4
* Introduce ConstValue and use it instead of miri's Value for constant valuesJohn Kåre Alsaker2018-05-114-224/+181
* Insert fields from TypeAndMut into TyRef to allow layout optimizationJohn Kåre Alsaker2018-05-083-15/+15
* Store the GeneratorInterior in the new GeneratorSubstsJohn Kåre Alsaker2018-05-082-8/+8
* Store generator movability outside GeneratorInteriorJohn Kåre Alsaker2018-05-082-2/+4
* Auto merge of #50418 - nnethercote:cmt, r=eddybbors2018-05-051-6/+6
| * Avoid many `cmt` allocations.Nicholas Nethercote2018-05-031-6/+6
* | Allow unaligned reads in constantsOliver Schneider2018-05-021-1/+1
* | Reintroduce the float parsing errorOliver Schneider2018-04-302-16/+23
* | Remove ConstFloatOliver Schneider2018-04-302-47/+43
* | Implement `PartialCmp` for `ConstFloat`Oliver Schneider2018-04-301-2/+1
* rustc_target: move in type definitions from ty::layout.Irina Popa2018-04-261-0/+1
* Auto merge of #50072 - oli-obk:discriminants, r=eddybbors2018-04-261-3/+75
| * Allow variant discriminant initializers to refer to other initializers of the...Oliver Schneider2018-04-261-3/+75
* | Fix the miri toolOliver Schneider2018-04-231-32/+3
* | Sign extend constants in range patternsOliver Schneider2018-04-192-11/+24
* Avoid comparing fields by name when possibleVadim Petrochenkov2018-04-122-38/+11
* AST/HIR: Merge field access expressions for named and numeric fieldsVadim Petrochenkov2018-04-121-6/+1
* Get rid of `SpannedIdent`Vadim Petrochenkov2018-04-061-3/+3
* Auto merge of #49348 - bobtwinkles:extend_2pb, r=nikomatsakisbors2018-04-031-1/+5
| * Push AllowTwoPhase down to the HAIR levelbobtwinkles2018-03-281-1/+5